Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lincoln's Newborn Photo Shoot

I am in love with Lincoln's newborn photos!  Thanks to Kimberly Meng for doing such an amazing job.  Her patience knows no bounds!  This 3 and a half hour session at our home really yielded some pretty amazing shots of our little man.  Lincoln is now two months old and here he is only fourteen days old, and oh so tiny!  I still can't believe how little he was.  God has blessed us with a healthy, already active baby boy!  Enjoy. <3 font="">

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Since July 17th...

 A photo montage of our life lately! 

 Lincoln's voyage home!

 Big Brother!

 Allie and Lincoln

1 week check-up!

Lincoln and Poppy

 Lincoln and his Aunt Syd

 Lincoln and Mimi

2 week check-up!

 Lincoln and NiNi

 Aubrey and Lincoln 

Lincoln and his Willie!

Uncle Matt

Maw Maw T arrives!

Lincoln and Afton

Lincoln and Aunt Erna

 Lincoln and his Paw Paw

Being a new Mommy is so exhausting and yet in those wee hours in the morning I've never felt like my life had more purpose than is does now.  Strange.  I really thought I had it all I'm absolutely positive I do.  
Life, Love, and the Lord are all so good!